My take on Moq and SponsorLink situation

moq library integration with SupportLink with 'I find it wrong' phrase

Moq is a popular .NET library primarily used for unit testing. Distributed as a NuGet package, its main purpose is to help with mocking dependencies, a technique heavily used to test small blocks of code in isolation.

To many developers’ surprise, there is a new proprietary dll included in the latest 4.20 package version. The dll contains the code of SponsorLink, a new tool developed by the Moq’s author that tries to facilitate Open Source Projects support. It does it by reading email addresses from local git configs, and although it is claimed users’ privacy is respected, many people still find this practice wrong, dubious or even borderline illegal.

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Publish images to Azure Container Registry from Bitbucket Pipelines

bitbucket pipelines pushing to azure container registry with dotnet publish

Today is part 3 of our miniseries on dotnet publish and Docker images. In the first one we reviewed how we can generate docker images locally, in the second one we pushed our image to Azure Container Registry with Service Principal authentication from our local environment, and today we will publish our image to Azure Container Registry from our CI build, namely Bitbucket Pipelines.

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Create docker images with dotnet publish

local docker desktop with an image pushed by dotnet publish

Docker is a very convenient tool for writing, testing and especially for deploying software. Wide adoption of Docker Containers by all Cloud Providers has made it the default approach for enterprise software deployments.

Historically we have been using a combination of Dockerfile and Docker CLI to build and publish docker images. Starting with .NET 7, we can achieve the same by using dotnet publish command.

Today we are exploring how to containerize a .NET application with dotnet publish, configure it inside .csproj file and publish to the local Docker Desktop.

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