Do Did Done released for Windows 10 devices!

do did done learn english irregular verbs main screen

Hi, I released a new application in Microsoft Store (available on Windows 10 devices) called “Do Did Done - Learn English Irregular Verbs”. You can download it here. Well, formally, it’s not new, but rather a drastic update to my old app “Irregular verbs trainer”.

The logic is the same, there are English irregular verbs with corresponding past simple and past participle forms grouped logically. There are also three kinds of exercises: flipping card, multiple-choice test and writing test. Based on my testing, it can really help you to learn Irregular Verbs.

But what is new?

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The story of Bug Killer

bug killer main level Recently I remembered that there was a game we made with my groupmates on the 3rd year of university (5 years ago!), and, guess what, it is still in my private git repo so I cloned and built it (surprisingly successfully). Then I decided to write a post about the game because it’s not really fun to play, but, it’s fun to review the screenshots and remember how it was created.

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New UI for Piano 3D: Requirements

trello piano 3d

As I said before, iOS and Android version of Piano 3D required a new UI and UX, because the Windows Store app’s design was ugly, just default gray controls from Unity 3D. Fortunately, I have a friend who agreed to help me with the visual appearance of the app. So in the summer of 2016 we started working on requirements and first wireframe prototypes.

This post is about the process of defining and discussing requirements of the new UI and the challenges we had.

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Non-Renewing iOS Subscriptions with Unity IAP

piano 3d subscription screen

Today we are talking about iOS non-renewing subscriptions and Unity IAP. I implemented such feature in Piano 3D and the process was not straightforward at all, so it is worth to document it here. Again, in this article we are talking exclusively about iOS, Play store subscriptions are different and this info is not relevant to Android development.

What is subscription?

Subscription is a type of in-app purchase (IAP) that allows you to provide some services/content/features for a limited period of time. For example, full access to streaming service (Spotify, Netflix), ad-free access to piano tutorials (Piano 3D), access to a premium collection of photos or videos etc. The key point here is that users can buy subscriptions multiple times, that makes them a bit similar to consumable IAP. There are two types of subscriptions in AppStore: auto-renewable and non-renewing.

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