Do Did Done released for Windows 10 devices!

do did done learn english irregular verbs main screen

Hi, I released a new application in Microsoft Store (available on Windows 10 devices) called “Do Did Done - Learn English Irregular Verbs”. You can download it here. Well, formally, it’s not new, but rather a drastic update to my old app “Irregular verbs trainer”.

The logic is the same, there are English irregular verbs with corresponding past simple and past participle forms grouped logically. There are also three kinds of exercises: flipping card, multiple-choice test and writing test. Based on my testing, it can really help you to learn Irregular Verbs.

But what is new?

Well, the app is updated to latest Windows 10, so it uses the new horizontal Navigation View, new Acrylic brush, user interface is changed to acommodate new workflows and I have also added new beautiful backgrounds with London landmarks.

So, check it out if you want to improve your English knowledge or just want to see what I am doing.

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