So you want to be a .NET web developer?

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I decided to write a post about skills IMHO a person should have to get a job as a .NET web developer. Well, the mindmap above contains everything I wanted to say, so let’s just review it. I also will try to give some recommendations about resources and books you can use to improve your knowledge in particular area.


It’s obvious that each .NET develop should know .NET fundamentals (CLR, CTS, JIT). I don’t say you have to know internals of JIT compiler, but it’s essential to have high-level understanding of this concepts.

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StackExchange.Exceptional: ELMAH on steroids

stackexchange exceptional

Logging is a really important system if you care about your users. Not only should it give you errors details, but also notify you that something is wrong before users start complaining or submitting bug reports.

There are probably dozens of logging solution, and I’m sure there are hundreds thousands of self-written loggers on various projects. But I wouldn’t recommend writing your own logging since you probably won’t be able to do it right the first time (and the second, and the third etc). It’s better to use existing solution, like ELMAH (Scot Hanselman’s blog post about it) or StackExchange.Exceptional.

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