This blog in 2023

A graph showing unieque visitors and views for this blog in 2023

2023 is over, so it’s time to review this blog’s numbers!

The second half of 2023 was the period when I published a lot of useful articles which resulted in some traffic increase from Google and other search engines.

For the previous few months, the blog has been getting 40 unique visitors a day (1.2k a month). Let’s see who those people are and what they are looking for.

Top performing pages of 2023

a table showing top performing pages for this blog from google search console

17 new articles were published in 2023. Top 5 most visited are:

Top 10 countries

a table showing top countries with most visitors


Unfortunately, my home, Ukraine, is still being attacked by russia, which of course doesn’t particularly help with blogging, but let’s hope 2024 will be better for everyone.

See you in the next articles!

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